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06-30-17 June updates & Cord Blood Storage

Updates for June how I feel with PV, the new baby and CBR registry.

on 1 July, 2018

5-24-18 Updates and Ongoings

Thursday 5-24-18 was my normal monthly checkup with my oncologist. This visit was both filled wit...

on 27 May, 2018

5-5-18 Powering Through

I have PV and don't look sick but I fight to do everything I do.

on 5 May, 2018

5-2-18 Hay season starts.

The start of the hay season with PV.

on 2 May, 2018

NCCN MPN Patient Webinar.

NCCN is hosting two different MPN Patient webinars at the beginning of may. Dont miss it.

on 28 April, 2018

NCCN Guidelines for MPN Patients.

Found this NCCN Guideline for MPNs today. I think it is a pretty good resource.

on 15 April, 2018

Our Mission

Our mission here at is to provide a place for people to share their journey with myeloproliferative neoplasms, while at the same time helping to educate about this orphaned blood cancer. 

Read along and share with our family and friends. We welcome you and hope to see you more often.

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