SurviveAll Bands & Bracelets.

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SurviveAll Bands & Bracelets.

SurviveAll Bands is the brain child of Shaylee, my 12 year old daughter. While she had some help with the name the idea is all hers. She came to me asking if she could start making bracelets to raise awareness for cancer after I was diagnosed with a rare form of blood cancer. Shaylee runs SurviveAll Bands and makes each bracelet, key chain and collar with her own hands and her own funding in order to raise awareness & funding for cancer and cancer reasearch along with saving her own funds for her future.

At this time she is going to donate 30% of her profits to the MPN Research Foundation, and plans to donate to other cancer research as well. She is just getting started and we are waiting on her first online sale.  Her website is up and running check out her website here SurviveAll.Band and check out her Shop, more colors are coming soon.


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SurviveAll Bands

SurviveAll Bands & Bracelets

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