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One Year with my MPN
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by Chris on 7 September, 2018


Time for a much overdue update. Today is a special day of sorts., as today marks my one year anniversary of my diagnosis. Happy Birthday to my MPN, Happy Birthday screw you, just kidding, well kind of. Continue reading →

06-30-17 June updates & Cord Blood Storage
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by Chris on 1 July, 2018


Updates for June how I feel with PV, the new baby and CBR registry. Continue reading →

5-24-18 Updates and Ongoings
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by Chris on 27 May, 2018


Thursday 5-24-18 was my normal monthly checkup with my oncologist. This visit was both filled with exciting news and some slightly upsetting news. Continue reading →

5-5-18 Powering Through
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by Chris on 5 May, 2018


I have PV and don't look sick but I fight to do everything I do. Continue reading →

4-14-18: Jakafi is working.
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by Chris on 14 April, 2018


I said that I would make an update after my last doctor visit but time has not allowed. Here it is a little bit later but if you have been following along recently I was prescribed Jakafi: Ruxolitnib. This last appointment was the first blood tests since being prescribed. Continue reading →

2-21-18 We start a new journey

by Chris on 21 February, 2018


Today marked my monthly visit with oncology, Today we start a new journey in this fight. Continue reading →

1-24-18 MPN Catch up and Updates

by Chris on 24 January, 2018


It has been a while since my last post thanks to a very busy holiday season. So here is some news, updates and information on my MPN. Continue reading →

Stages of grief? 11-9-17

by Chris on 9 November, 2017


Denial, Anger. Bargaining, Sadness and Acceptance, My stages of grief realized. Continue reading →

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