5-5-18 Powering Through

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5-5-18 Powering Through

Well the first field went down, got raked and was baled up last night so we could beat the rain. This week has been an absolute rush. From the tractor breaking down, to doing the normal daily grind plus evenings on the field, I am beat. I got home last night past 10pm then did my normal routine and was not in bed until after midnight. I'm exhausted and feel almost sick. I drank water the entire time but still feel dehydrated. Now today I play clean up and check over of equipment. I need to check the timing on the baler, clean the baler out, fix the cutter and similar activities. Get everything ready for the next dry forecast to do it all over again on the biggest field. After that I have to get the lawn mowed at the house before the rain hits. And I have to find the energy to do everything. There is no option of rest yet. The iron might be helping some but it's not enough.

I love farming, I love running the equipment and figuring out problems then fixing them. As long as things with the PV stay as they are I should be able to power through and keep going. My biggest worry is having to stop if things progress but that really isn't an option either.

So between writing the previous text and now, I have been to the farm, cleaned the baler, moved everything to its proper place. Talked with the horses and let the dogs play with horses for a bit. Drove tractor home, fixed the tire on my lawn mower, mowed the lawn, had an egg drop experiment science class with my daughter and I am spent. I'm done. I honestly think the rest of the weekend is shot.  I came in the house and laid on the cool floor just like the dogs do and about fell asleep just as the dogs do.  I need to work on the tractor, the mower the grapple, I just can't, not today. I am kind of praying for rain just so I have an excuse to lounge all day Sunday and maybe recoup a little before I have to go back to work on Monday.

As has come up a lot lately with many other individuals with PV. People look at us and they think or say, "well they don't look sick". No we don't look sick but we must force ourselves to power through tasks in order to get them done. Where some people lack the motivation to get a task done our motivation is just to get things done before all energy is depleted to the point of not being able to do anything. That is what I keep telling myself, just power through and get it done, unfortunately I pay for it later.


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