Hello and Welcome

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Hello and Welcome

Hello everyone, my name is Chris and I started this website. After being diagnosed with an MPN I just kind of wanted to start writing so I made a post on my own website and actually a section of my own website that was dedicated to this rare disease. While doing this I thought that it sure would nice if there was a site that everyone and anyone dealing with an MPN could go to in order to write about their journey, learn from other entries while at the same time providing resources and education. Since I am still just learning about the disease I figured I could help others learn possibly through the lives of others.

Anyway thank you for coming, I hope if you are a patient with an MPN, a family member of a patient, or even a friend of a patient you will sign up and start sharing the journey of an MPN from your perspective.

The site is a work in progress so please understand the mess and if you have any suggestions please use the contact page.


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