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  1. At all times this site is a family orientated site and should be considered PG rated.
  2. Please DO NOT give medical advise, medical advise should only be given by ones primary doctor.
  3. Respect others, if you dont have anything nice to say please dont say anything at all
  4. Treat others as you wish to be treated.
  5. Your Profile
    1. We do not require real names to be used for the sake of anonymity.
    2. We do request you use the proper birth date so that we can gather informationo and statistics about the MPN disease.
    3. We do request you enter your approximate location with city, state and zip code. This way we can create a map of our MPN users.
  6. Content,
    1. Content should be concerning your life or the life of the loved one, or your views, experiences with an MPN.
    2. Again content should be PG Rated
    3. Please remember this is an online open to the public website, people will read your posts, remember about internet security and be mindful of what information is safe to display on the web.
    4. This is a user submitted site, please be mindful about taking medical advise from anyone who is not YOUR doctor.

MPNJournal.com is a user submitted site. The views and/or commentary does not necessarily represent the views of MPNJournal.com its parents or sibsidiaries. MPNJournal does not give, represent, or condone any medical advise given on this site. This site is purely informational and designed to be a kind of support group for those with MPNs.

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